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  • I'm Becca Colao. I'm an ADHD coach. For me, ADHD means thinking too much and too fast. Not many people talk about this experience, so that’s what I do here.
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January 23, 2009


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I have adhd and I have been thinking about trying adhd coaching soon, but I have first been trying to get myself out of a funk that I have been in from some big changes in my life including moving away for college. I found that I can always think circles around CBT techniques or any therapy stuff if I am trying to do it in my head, but if I write down the thought error exercises it works really well. I just started trying to apply CBT to self-doubting adhd related chatter that I didn't even notice was there until I started to really analyze what was keeping me from working on my masters research, and it seems to be helping a lot (this is turning into a whole blog of a response, much more than a comment). For example, I was just trying to read a research paper and I almost gave up in the first page and I noticed chatter in my head saying something like: I can't focus, I can't even get through this paper, I'm going to fail as a scientist, it's a fluke I made it this far. Normally I would put the paper down and go off and get distracted and fulfill the prophecy without even noticing the thoughts or think about them a lot and get all anxious, but instead I wrote down those thoughts, identified the errors, and made rational responses all in my notebook, and then picked the paper back up and got through it without those thoughts really popping up again, and I was able to stick to it even through the really difficult stats parts where I normally give up. I think the trick is really in writing it down though. I have been using the Feeling Good book by David Burns. I haven't been at it for too long but I am finding that it helps, but only if I write down the exercises.
Anyway, That's all.

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