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  • I'm Becca Colao. I'm an ADHD coach. For me, ADHD means thinking too much and too fast. Not many people talk about this experience, so that’s what I do here.
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July 30, 2009


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Hello. I was given this site by Jeff from "Jeff's ADD Mind". I couldn't figure out how to contact you(just got my first PC less than a year ago and haven't used it much), so I decided to just leave a comment and hope that you reply. I am a single mom and I have ADD. I could really use someone who actually knows what I go through everyday to talk with. Meaning a woman with children, on her own, with ADD. If you could get back to me I'd really appriciate it.


I am unable to get anything done. I forget to do everything. Alot of the time it has to do with my kids(3&5). There are so many things that's I need to get done and I just don't do them. I have to fill out a packet for b4 he starts Kindergarten, get his school supplies, change his uniforms and have him do 10 summerhomework pages. I have 20 days to do these things and I cant remember where I put them. I am a mess. Instead of getting my mind to do them I take off(with my kids) for some 6hr drive. Completely forgetting about eating and nap times. I am a wreck and I need help. I talk with someone and I got a script, but I don't like it and want to switch. I just don't know what to do and was wondering if anyone who reads this knows what I mean.

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