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  • I'm Becca Colao. I'm an ADHD coach. For me, ADHD means thinking too much and too fast. Not many people talk about this experience, so that’s what I do here.
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February 04, 2010


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Wow, I can relate to this entirely. I have ideas for my blog which go unpublished all the time because once I start writing the post, I go back a edit until the post is 'just right'. But 'just right' never happens, and I move on to doing something else (like profitable work), forgetting the post I was trying to fine tune. You're right. Sometimes you just have to set aside the process or the ultimate goal and just let you fingers hit the keyboard.

Becca Colao, MA, Senior Certified ADHD Coach

Shelley- I used to get really bent out of shape about all the ideas that I didn't follow up on and then I realized I have so many ideas, it was ok to focus on just some of them. And then let go of just rightitis!

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