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  • I'm Becca Colao. I'm an ADHD coach. For me, ADHD means thinking too much and too fast. Not many people talk about this experience, so that’s what I do here.
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April 12, 2011


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Kathleen Christensen

I've realized this kind of thing happens with my 12-year-old and me, both of us ADD. She might be fidgeting, humming, or talking a lot. I'm on the sensitive end of things. I do end up growling sometimes! But in my better moments, I state nonjudgmentally what's happening and take a break, if I can, in "sensory safety"--great way to put it! Thanks for the post!


Absolutely!!! ME TOO!!! Great observations....
It has always baffled me how utterly exhausting it is for me to be in a group of people doing nothing (e.g. a classroom or waiting in an airport).
As a mom, in having to interact with someone, AND do so randomly like we have to with our kids, is something that I really struggle as well. When they were little, it was the un-ending-ness of it (my boys are 13 months apart in age). Now that they are older, it's the intellectual struggle of homework, and structure, and guidance before and after school...right when I most need my "quiet" time to organize my brain.
LOVE your blog ; thank you so much!


I have noticed this in my 8 year old ADHD son since he was a baby. He melts down in large groups. I didn't realize that I was experiencing sensory overload until I began homeschooling my children 3 years ago. It just gets to be too much. Then guilt would set in because I felt like a horrible mother wanting to run away from my children. Thank God, I now understand myself better! Thank you for the post. I am interested to hear others' techniques for decompressing/resetting.

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